Node.js Software Engineering

Node.js experts delivering sound, simple products that keep you miles ahead of the competition

In the future, the most successful companies will be those that can better align business and technology.
This requires enterprises to undergo a massive transformation.
To get you there faster, YLD provides the precise software engineering and digital transformation expertise you need at each stage of your journey.
We are pioneers, strategists, transformers, and trusted advisors to our customers.
We are also members of the Node.js Foundation and respected contributors to the developer community.
We can engineer the solutions you need to reduce your time to market, save costs and improve productivity.
We can deliver the business and technology insights that will inform your company strategy.
And we can establish a positive legacy of change in your culture so you can continue taking advantage of technology well into the future.
We have done this for some of the largest multinational enterprise clients,
for private clients and for government agencies across both B2B and B2C environments.
We can do the same for you.


YLD is a team of highly motivated and experienced individuals with a passion for software engineering and a dream of making digital transformation possible for everyone.
We use open source technology like Node.js and Docker to help build our client’s infrastructures, and we are proud members of the Node.js Foundation.
Our team is comprised of many different people from a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise, who come together to build amazing projects alongside with our customers.
If you share a similar vision, or a passion for software engineering and open source, we would love to hear from you.
Please view our job openings here or contact us at

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Meet the team

The amazing people below are the brilliant brains that make YLD possible.
And we have fun while do it.
Nuno Job
CEO & Founder

Nuno is the founder and director at YLD. The previous CCO at Nodejitsu, Nuno was responsible for business development and sales in the world’s largest Node.js cloud. Now, he leads the YLD team and inspires all the creative minds that make up the company.

Pedro Teixeira
Chief Futurist & Founder

Pedro is Chief Futurist at YLD. His role involves exploring new technologies that can help address our customers’ issues and ensuring this knowledge is shared within YLD. Pedro first taught himself how to program on a 48K ZX Spectrum when he was only 9 years old. When he’s not saving the world from bad software design he plays guitar and drums.

Milly Hume

Milly is YLD’s VP of People, looking after everything related to the YLD employee experience. She was born in New Zealand and is a massive All Blacks rugby fan. A self-declared health and fitness obsessive, Milly studies nutrition in her spare time and works out with a personal trainer who pushes her past physical human limits.

Laura Plaga

Laura is Head of Marketing at YLD, and helps spread the YLD message! She promotes the brand through multiple channels to reach both our enterprise clients and the developer community, as well as increase the uptake and engagement of our services. A fan of 90s music, Laura loves to play the bass and spend time with her band. She also enjoys hitting the slopes on her snowboard, and globetrotting when she gets the chance.

Daniela Borges

Daniela is a web development engineer that loves to play with Javascript. She is always searching to learn something new and gain new skills. She loves running, dancing, and photography, which makes her relax and observe the world. She is an organiser of the require-lx meetup and a mentor of Coderdojo LX, an organization that provides free education to youths by teaching them how awesome programming is!

Filipe Pinheiro

Filipe Pinheiro is a Full Stack Developer at YLD, bringing his passion for software engineering to every facet of the company. In his free time he enjoys hanging out with his friends, and enjoying cheeky “Friday drinks” (every other day). He currently works with Redis, Mongo, Node, and a bunch of other modules and frameworks.

Fábio Oliveira

Fábio is a Software Engineer and Lisbon Office Manager at YLD with a huge appetite for learning. Always curious and eager to learn more, he considers himself a full-stack developer and has worked on projects ranging from augmented reality frameworks to real time analytics products. In his list of interests one can find diverse subjects such as photography, Star Wars, cats, and delving into madness-inducing literature

Joaquim Serafim

Joaquim is a Senior Consultant at YLD, and a professional Node.js developer since 2011. Some of his past achievements include successfully migrating a previous company's backend from C++/C# and MSSQL to Node.js and MongoDB. Before Joaquim became a developer he was a proud member of the Portuguese Army as a Software Developer and DBA.

João Almeida

João is a passionate and curious developer, and is always eager to learn more. Previously he has worked with Ruby, and is now deep in the JavaScript ecosystem.

João Antunes

João Antunes is a Node.js Developer at YLD. He’s a Javascript addict with a passion for building, learning and being involved in awesome community events such as SINFO, which he helps organise. He also has a special love for music and everything attached to it.

João Jerónimo

João Jerónimo is the Technical Engagement Lead at YLD, and leads the team that is deployed at the site of the client. In his free time when João isn’t trolling the YLD team or working alongside our customers, he enjoys travelling and sampling the food from all the new places he visits!

Sérgio Ramos

Sérgio is a Node.js developer that loves open-source and to learn new and challenging things. He's fascinated with distributed systems, databases and tooling, and uses his spare time to be with friends and family, and watch TV shows.

Tom Gallacher

Tom is a Software Engineer at YLD, who works on the core of Node.js, JavaScript, and writes code in many languages, from Rust to Haskell. An ardent connoisseur of facial hair products, Tom definitely wins the award for best beard at YLD. Once he has groomed to perfection, he also enjoys brewing his own beer (and obviously taste-checking it).